About Us - KEV

KEV, Koto English-speaking Volunteer Guide Association, is a nonprofit organization, set up in April 2010, by members who completed "the special training course for guiding" at Koto City Culture Center. We have rediscovered our own country's history and culture through this amazing city. Some of us were born and raised in this city, while others moved in from elsewhere. Everyone has a story, however, one thing common to us is that we really love and enjoy living here.

We offer free English-guided walking tours in scenic spots, historical places, and other exciting areas of our beloved Koto City. These tours include regular monthly courses such as Course A, B, and C, as well as a customized course or Course D upon your request.

Although these might not be listed in your guidebooks, we deeply hope our tours to hold a special place in your heart as delightful and memorable experiences.

We are looking forward to sharing what we love!

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