Visiting markets for "taste treats" are the quickest way to get to know the national character, taste preferences and lifestyle of a country. In this course, knowledgeable guides will show you around the new Toyosu Market with its cutting-edge technology. Explanations include the finer points of how the skilful intermediary people help buyers, who serve the best cuisine in restaurants, make their selections.

After the market visit, we continue our walking tour to the nearby facilities used for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Toyosu Market

Due to ageing issues of the 80 year old, world famous Tsukiji Market, it was reconstructed in Toyosu, approximately 2.3 km to the south, in 2018. It's a colossal wholesale market consisting of three blocks handling fisheries and vegetables. Management on food safety, temperature control, and efficient distribution system are major factors at the new Toyosu Market.

From the Visitor’s deck, you can watch the tuna auction up close through the glass windows. Information is available on a graphic panel which includes seasonal availability of fish, cooking methods and hand signals used at auction. A life-sized model of the biggest tuna ever auctioned is sure to delight. A souvenir photograph aboard a "turret," an indispensable mobile vehicle within the market will provide a lasting memory of your experience. A breath-taking view of Mt.Fuji, Rainbow Bridge, and Tokyo Tower are all available from the Green roof plaza.

The highlight of your tour is likely to be a visit to the Food Court. Here, you can enjoy typical Japanese cuisine like Sushi and "fresher than fresh" fish products. Market-related goods and souvenirs such as kitchen knives and fancy "happi" coats will attract and are readily available.

Toyosu Area and the 2020 Olympic Games Facilities

Still under construction is Toyosu, a section of reclaimed land facing Tokyo Bay. High-rise apartments, commercial and recreational facilities such as teamLab Planets and LaLaport TOYOSU presently dominate the area.

In the adjacent area, facilities for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 have been built. These exciting developments, including Ariake Gymnastics Centre, the BMX course-cycling arena, and the Volleyball arena will be described, the advanced construction techniques of each facility explained for your interest.

Course Date & Time:

Tour Pattern & Assembly Time: There are two alternative choices, D-1 or D-2.
D-1: 05:00 am (Tuna auction held early in the morning)
D-2: 09:00 am (Auction already finished)

This tour takes around three hours including the tour around some facilities of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Note: Toyosu Market are closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, public holidays, year-end and new-year holidays, and summer holidays. Please check out its business day calendar before booking our tour.

Meeting Place:

The ticket gate of Shijomae station (U14) on the Yurikamome Line.

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