What is a Customized Course?

Tours can be arranged upon your request. Please note:

  • Allow at least 2 weeks for planning. As our guides are all volunteers, the more time we have, the more chance we have to meet your request.
  • Our guides are available only for tours inside Koto City, Tokyo.

In addition to the spots listed in our Course A, B, C, and D, there are more places of interest in Koto City. For example:

Kameido Tenjin Shrine

This shrine is famous for its wisteria blossoms from late April to early May, or plum blossoms from February to March. In January, they have a unique event to swap last-year's misfortune for new-year's good luck by getting a cute wood-carved bird called uso-dori. Tenjin is the god of Learning, in Shinto religion indigenous to Japan. It's the best place to pray for success in exams and other study/learning related attainments.

Kameido Tenjin

Basho Museum


Memorial Museum for Matsuo Basho, the founder of Haiku, the world's shortest form of poem. Basho lived in this area in the 17th century. From here, he started his journeys around Japan, and left great Haiku poems and travel journals. The museum, along with a riverside park and a shrine, is dedicated for Basho and his works.

Sumo Stable

If you are lucky, you might have a chance to watch sumo wrestlers practicing in the morning. Tours may be arranged for limited periods in early February and April, in early June, late August to early September, early October, or early December, only when permitted by the stable. Please note that we cannot always meet your requests. Small children are not allowed.

Sumo Stable

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